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November 11, November 22, December 2, December 14, December 24, January 4, January 15, January 26, February 5, February 17, February 27, March 10, March 22, April 1, April 12, April 23, May 4, May 15, May 27, June 6, May 18, Saros April 28, Saros April 8, Saros March 18, Saros So many important events will take place in the months of March, July and November during his first Presidential Term.

Soon after Trump is sworn in on January 20th, Jupiter will go retrograde on Feb 5th, and there are two eclipses in the month of February, the last two weeks of February does not look very good. Donald Trump may face some delay in getting his nominees approved, as they are being grilled right now during the nomination process.

But I am more concerned about the period from April 1st to May 15th, that looks very difficult and challenging.

Saturn goes retrograde on April 5th, can bring setbacks. In my opinion month of April and beginning of May looks really very difficult. Let us see how this period will play out for President Trump. Retrograde Saturn will again enter Scorpio sign on June 21st, and will stay in Scorpio sign until October 24th. Saturn will stop right close to natal Moon, at 27 degrees in Scorpio sign on August 25th, when Saturn will become stationary direct.

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Month of August looks very difficult and challenging because the solar eclipse on August 21st is falling at 5 degrees in Leo sign, right near the ascendant degree. Saturn will aspect the natal position of ascendant lord Sun in Taurus sign very powerfully from September 11 to October Jupiter aspect on natal Sun will be over on September 11, as Jupiter moves into Libra sign.

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These are very difficult periods in for President Trump, especially the months of April, August, and September. Lots of people have the opinion that President Trump will get impeached very quickly, in his first Presidential Term. Trump will be in violation of the Constitution on day one of his Presidency, as Trump refuses to disclose his tax returns, divest his assets, create a credible blind trust, obey the constitutional prohibition of foreign emoluments.

If Trump does not sell his businesses and puts the proceeds in a blind trust, then he exposes himself to impeachment and he will be in violation of the Constitution. On the flip side if he sells all his businesses and puts the proceeds in a blind trust, again he is making a big mistake, because Trump is going to be a one term. Why Trump isn't doing enough to avoid conflicts of interest? He has made clear he wants to profit off his presidency. The chances of impeachment are high in April, August, and September , but it all depends on the Republican Congress if they are ready to impeach Trump or not.

I also think Trump may survive these challenging periods because the Republican Congress will not be able to stand up against President Trump at this moment because the Republican Base is with President Trump, not with the Republican Party. White working class Americans in the rust belt, who usually vote Democrat, are also with President Trump, not with the Democratic Party. This is the reason why Trump is holding rallies even after winning the election. It will be difficult to impeach Trump by a Republican Congress as long as Trump has support from the Republican Base and the white working class Americans.

The million-dollar question is how long are the Republicans going to tolerate Trump before they impeach him? Many Republicans are already deviating from Trump on many issues, even before Trump is sworn in as President. In the period from last week of January to middle of March and the months of June, July August September are challenging and difficult months for President Trump, and United States. There is Mars and Saturn conjunction in end of March and beginning of April that could be difficult also Saturn will go retrograde at 15 degrees in Sagittarius sign right on United States ascendant opposite natal Jupiter on April 17, But I think he will survive this period also.

Saturn rules the 6th house of health issues, and 7th house of relationships. At the same time Rahu enters Gemini sign. During this time the country will. Since we are living in a global economy, so we will be dealing with a global recession, which will continue even into The unemployment numbers will be high.

Solar eclipse of June 21, 2020

Americans will be angry. Donald Trump will feel isolated. Donald Trump will have very little public support after June , when impeachment will finally be proposed. There is a possibility of global war during this time. This will be the time when President Trump may take U. Our national debt may even grow bigger, if our political leaders fail to control spending during this time. Donald Trump will have cash flow problems in his personal businesses as well during this time. These will be dangerous times after June , when President Trump will find it difficult to complete his first Term.

Things will get worse in , and the voters will penalize the Republican party in Presidential Election.

President Trump will either face impeachment or resign between June and April This is the most important prediction. Let us see how this challenging time from June to March will play out for President Trump. I will post another major update in April , and talk about the remaining 9 months of the First Term, and the Presidential Election.

Let us hope President Donald Trump works for all Americans, rather than just his base as we move forward into his first Presidential Term. This is a correction to my Trump astrology predictions. I also posted an update on July 25, in this connection. Join Monthly Newsletter Name:. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Thanks to all my regular astrology readers for all your support. Again this is completely optional, as my astrology article and updates are made available to you for free.

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The public Trump impeachment hearings are beginning this Wednesday, November 13, This year Robert Mueller completed Mueller investigation in March, Mueller public testimony and Trump phone call to Ukraine President to investigate Bidens took place in the month of July, and now Trump impeachment hearings are beginning in the month of November this year. Rudy Giuliani cannot bring positive energy for Donald Trump. Also, after Republicans loss in Kentucky, Virginia and Kansas elections, Republicans will realize if they fail to convict and oust Donald Trump in the Senate Impeachment Trial, they will risk losing their own seats when they have to run for re-election, even if they represent red states.

But Jupiter is changing signs and moving into Sagittarius sign on November 4th and collide with Ketu just before the beginning of public hearings. The public opinion on Trump impeachment will grow after public hearings, and the GOP Senators will find it very difficult to support and defend Donald Trump in the Senate Trial. Trump will get impeached in the House for sure. House Democrats do not want to miss this golden opportunity.

In my opinion the support for Impeachment among Americans will grow even further, when the public hearings of witnesses will begin in the House, making it really difficult for Republicans to help Trump in the Senate Trial. Donald Trump is trying to get foreign countries to interfere for him in the Presidential Election, and he will try again if not impeached and removed from office.

Donald Trump will surely get convicted in the Senate Trial if the Senate Trial begins between December 22nd, and January 10th, America loses a powerful voice of Justice and Integrity as Rep. Elijah Cummings passes away. My deepest condolences to the Cummings family.

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Donald Trump's astrology chart clearly indicates US involvement in some war between now and April , even if Trump does not want war. Transit Rahu is at 18 degrees 21 minutes in Gemini sign right now, approaching the natal position of Jupiter at 15 degrees 18 minutes in Gemini sign in United States astrology chart. Rahu will transit natal Jupiter in United States astrology chart in December and January , a very sensitive time.

Trump will surely get impeached either in November this year or March October 14, Republicans in House and Senate who are up for re-election in are in no-win situation now. If Republicans abandon Donald Trump now, then the Republican base will desert them. Either way Republicans who are up for re-election in are in lose-lose situation.

At some point in the coming weeks Republicans will realize that they have very little incentive left to support Donald Trump. October 8, Republicans are still supporting Donald Trump, and are not standing up to Donald Trump. But you will see many Republicans will finally put the country above their political party and break with Donald Trump after Jupiter moves into Moola nakshatra in Sagittarius sign on November 4th. October 4, Democrats must impeach Donald Trump before March, , only then they have a chance to win the Presidential Election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing the right thing by moving forward with Trump Impeachment on a fast track, in weeks, not months. Donald Trump is the master manipulator of news media. House Democrats and media need to keep the news cycle focused on Trump Impeachment until Trump is impeached, only then the public opinion will shift in favor of impeachment, and the Trump Impeachment will be successful.

House Democrats must impeach Trump now or they will be in trouble in Presidential Election. Please help. Jupiter will help Donald Trump delay the release of his taxes, delay the subpoenas issued by Congress, delay the whistleblower report etc. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius sign and collides with Ketu, Donald Trump will be in lot of trouble between November 4, and April 1, , when the Trump Impeachment will finally go to House floor.

Remember I said in my astrology article Trump will face impeachment between June and April 1, The time between now and April 1, is very difficult and challenging time for Trump. Jupiter is still in Scorpio sign aspecting his natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign and transiting his natal Moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign. Jupiter's benefic aspect for Trump will be over once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius sign on November 4, and collides with Ketu.