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Is your magazine horoscope missing the details you need? Do you know your astrology birth chart can predict every minute detail of your life? If not, then you are probably missing something really important. It is a miraculous reading that enables you to know about your personality and the cosmic effect on your lives. Learning how to read and analyze the birth chart can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and tell you the best course of action for your life events. However, the criss-cross chart may seem confusing and challenging at the first attempt.

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And this is why here is a quick guide to read and analyze your birth chart in 7 easy steps. Take a look. The first and foremost step to read your astrology birth chart is to create one.

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It will help you to understand the readings and enhance the curiosity to know more about yourself. You may generate a birth chart manually or create it with the help of a free birth chart calculator. Remember the accuracy of the birth chart calculator depends upon the exactness of the birth information you have provided. Thus try to enter details that are confirmed or approx to the information. The sign rising over the Eastern horizon at your birth time is called your rising sign. Also known as your Ascendant, the Rising Sign is the first house of the birth chart.

By looking at this, you may know what people think of you when they see you. You may locate it on the left side of your astrology birth chart. Knowing your time of birth is necessary to determine your Rising sign. That's because there are 12 signs, and 24 hours in a day -- so the Ascendant moves to a new sign every 2 hours. It's possible to guess your Rising sign based on an approximate birth time, but to be accurate it helps to know the exact time to the hour and minute. Because your Rising sign is associated with the 1st house of a chart, it's really all about you.

It represents the surface of your personality -- what you show to the world on a day-to-day basis, like how an acquaintance might see you. It's enough to get an idea of who you are While your Sun sign is very intimately connected to the big picture of you, your Rising sign is much more about the "you" people see on the surface, about how you behave around others. Look up your Moon sign with our Moon Sign Calculator. Your Moon sign describes what gives you that deepest secure feeling.

That feeling can be described as what a newborn baby feels when the mother cradles her arms around the baby and holds it close to her chest. We all need to feel like that once in a while. Sometimes, when bad things happen, you seek to meet the needs of your Moon sign more than anything else.

When our Moon sign needs are met, we feel secure.

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That secure feeling comes from different things for all of us, depending on the Moon sign. Unknown Birth Time If birth time is unknown, check this box. Birth City. UTC time offset:. Tip: Make sure the UTC time offset is correct. If it's wrong, you can change it. The city must be selected from the list for the "Submit" button to work.

Moon in Pisces Horoscope (All about Pisces Moon zodiac sign)

After calculating your moon sign, you can read a description of your Moon sign here. You can also learn more about what the Moon represents in astrology. See more Astrology Calculators. Actually my cousin is a Scorpio and she relates to it so much. I can see where you are coming from though, as I know other scorpios do not. It all depends on the person.

In my opinion you should resonate mostly with your sun and rising signs. I resonate perfectly with my Scorpio sun but my moon sign took me by surprise too. But apparently it is lol. I actually feel more like my moon sign, a lot more than my sun for sure. Aquarius sun. Pisces moon here.

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You might have to look at your whole chart. And it says with specified time of birth I resonate with a Taurus. But I have no commonalities with my mother at all.

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  8. Read Moon in Aries and then Moon in Taurus on this page , and see which one you feel like the most. As a young child, did you randomly get violent and throw punches? If yes, you may have Moon in Aries. It moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Then I tried the Sun calculator , for 21 December , and it says the Sun also changed on the day you were born. It moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

    So again, depending on your time and location of birth, the Sun may have still been in Sagittarius. Also, if you can find out if you were born in the first half of the day, or later at night, that can help narrow down Sun and Moon since you happen to be born on a somewhat rare day in which both the moon and sun changed signs. Well they take western astrology to calculate your moon sign. But you can read more description about moon in virgo, virgo moon is different from Virgo sun in many ways. Moon sign and sun sign show trait of a particular zodia in different ways.

    Yes, You were born in Feb or March so your zodiac sign or sun sign is Pisces.

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